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out of sorts – the daily create –

Well, hello to week two! I was almost afraid I was going to miss today’s daily create…darn you summer heat and the need to be poolside!! Today’s daily create was to show our “growlery.” I honestly had no idea such a word existed until this tweet, but I am slowly learning to love it. #ds106 #tdc2002 i have two places…

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thoughts + ideas

– week one reflection –

This week is coming to a close and to be honest, this has probably been the most stressful week out of the entirety of my college career.  I do not mean it in a bad way, however because of the amount of posts and assignments that need to be done, planning and scheduling has become my best friend.  This week…

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blogger goals – photography tips –

We have finally reached the last post for the week before tomorrow’s summary…WHOO. How was this week for you all? It’s definitely the most amount of posts I have created within a week. But for the last assignment of the week, we’re going over photos I took after reading the photography tips provided. To be honest, photography is a frustrating…

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