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トランプ…?- visual assignment –

Greetings all!

Today’s visual assignment was one that caught my eye…specifically because of the memes. I chose the “Pop Star Out of Place” assignment because you can literally throw our favorite virtual diva into any realistic situation and it’s definitely out of place but also quite funny.

pop star

So of course, I chose a Donald Trump rally…for reasons. I found a picture from a rally and then found a .png file of Hatsune Miku and this simply yet glorious picture was created within “PicMonkey” and can I get an amen? The temptation to frame this is rather great. (My apologies if my sarcasm is a bit much today…)

Let me know if you did this assignment or even what you think of my rather simplistic photo down below in the comments.

And just because I’m feeling a little extra today…

nico trash

Yet another pop star out of place.


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