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a smug villager… – audio assignment –

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Are you ready to hear Taylor’s manly voice?

I don’t think the world is ready for this opportunity.

Anyways, for today’s audio assignment, I did a text impersonation! And lord have mercy on my soul, I did so many takes of this that I couldn’t even…

So the text I used for this impersonation was by the awesome tumblr user (and one of my favorite fanfic writers), geek-fashionista:

I love her short Voltron fic series because they’re short and sweet enough to give me diabetes. Anyways, this was definitely a bit difficult to records…I don’t have a very manly voice let alone a deep voice and Shiro’s is definitely deep and manly. Regardless, I tried to make it work and used a door opening sound from freesound and the awesome Spongebob “Three Days Later” audio and Animal Crossing background music.

For those of you who don’t watch Voltron, Shiro has PTSD due to being captured by aliens and having fought and lost a limb for their experimentation. Animal Crossing is a really cute and relaxing game that many have found helpful with their stress, anxiety, and even OCD. So that’s why Pidge offers it as a game he can actually play.

So please, let me know what you think of either the impersonation or my lack of a manly voice!

Here’s the tutorial for how I edited the audio;



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