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can i breathe? – design assignment –

It’s the third…or fourth day of the week. I need coffee.

Today’s design assignment is something I found to be quite cool…but it’s also a game. A game without a prize…sorry.


Today’s assignment is called “Four Icons/One Story” and I immediately knew what movie I was going to do. Like always, I used PicMonkey for editing and found the icons via Google. Now it’s your turn; what movie can you guess from the icons?

Hint; It’s got a cat.

Another hint; It’s a movie my sister and I used to watch constantly growing up. Plus there’s a cute nerdy kid in it named Tombo who I had a little crush on…not proud of it, but that was actually a thing.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how I made this minimalistic movie guessing game;

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P.S. The answer is here!

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