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Oh look! Another Pidge inspired design.

For today’s design assignment, I chose a fun one; creating a motivational poster. I wanted to originally do something sarcastic or “meme-ful” but alas…I’m not feeling any sarcasm rolling out of my brain and last night was filled with Voltron binging. So, here’s some Pidge instead.

As to why I chose Pidge…I love her to death. She is so smart and tiny, can whoop some Galra tail, and DANG IT, SHE HAS A DROID PET NAMED “ROVER.” She’s the very definition of pretty much everything I wish to be…minus the butt kicking.

Motivational Poster

Isn’t she precious? (Yes, she’s a girl and she is too pure for this world.) For this poster I found a template via Google and looked up what typical fonts people have used for motivational posters. Unfortunately, I was unable to find Century Gothic in my files and PicMonkey’s which would’ve been used for the smaller font. Therefore, the large font is Times New Roman and the smaller font is Open Sans. This was such a cute design and I feel that I need this framed at work so I can feel inspired each and every day.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how I made this cute little masterpiece;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you have any better captions for this poster? Or do you like Voltron as much as me? #BRINGSHIROHOME Ya’ll ready for season 3?


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