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One of our main assignments this week was to go around and take pictures of objects or ads that demonstrate the concepts we read over the week. I was unable to take my camera to work, but I was able to go out today and get a few things I felt were usable for this!


The first concept I found was typography. This is a cute little decorative sign I purchased from Hobby Lobby this past weekend and I can honestly say that I couldn’t leave the store without it because of the typography alone. It’s very clean yet personal…and by that I mean it looks like my own handwriting.


The next picture is of a road sign with a truck symbol on it for the concept of symbols. I feel like this is really useful as many designs with symbols are to demonstrate hazards or safety.


This picture is of my fiancé’s Coach hat for the concept of rhythm. When I think of rhythm, I think of repetition, like a beat and if there is one thing Coach is known for…it’s the repetitive “C” pattern on their bags and accessories.


And finally, I remembered one of my fiancé’s photographs and graphic design posters for the concept of proportion. He had someone take a photo of him look up at a large Cross off a local highway which gives a sense of proportion. He comes off very small in comparison to the Cross. Also…sorry for the weird angle and lighting!

And that about does it…the designblitz itself wasn’t difficult, but finding objects and such that properly convey the concepts listed were hard to find granted I didn’t really go out much this week. How was your designblitz challenge?



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