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get rekt, nerds – design assignment –

Oh lord, what have I done now.

This week’s final design assignment was one I’ve been wanting to do for a while…design a t-shirt. Having been blogging for 5 years, t-shirt designs are something I have done once or twice for promoting purposes rather than franchising. Say for instance, when I go to a concert or a relatively large event, I have t-shirts that my fiancé and I designed with my logo, my character, and the website address so that people will either look or ask about it. Surprisingly enough, it’s work very efficiently for me.

However, today I didn’t design promotional t-shirts. I instead chose the franchising route and did some actually cool designs that I think I’m going to want printed in the near future…

simply me

So the first shirt is a really simple design, but I absolutely adore it. First off, I love polka dots. There’s a reason why I love Yayoi Kusama’s art so freakin’ much and it’s primarily because she uses a ton of polka dots and that’s kind of where I drew inspiration from. I didn’t want to use the typically uniform polka dotted pattern that many designs typically use, so I adjusted the sizes accordingly. The “simply me” in the corner is actually a series on my blog where I talk about my life in general rather than focusing on anime/video game figures and such. And in the top right corner, there’s a polka dot with a cartoon face…that’s actually a drawing I personally did and my fiancé helped outline and vectorize it in photoshop to use as my brand character. Granted…that was when I had longer hair, but I still love it regardless.

get rekt

And this design is a more fun and playful design. The character is fairly larger and more centered which is quite typical of my promotional designs, but of course…I had to add a caption and I chose the only one I felt was fitting…”get rekt, nerds.” The text on both shirts was done in “Abril Fatface” font which I absolutely love because it makes captions either cute and classy or relatively funnier.

Here’s a little step-by-step tutorial for you all on how I designed t-shirt numbero dos!

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This was a great design assignment and ahhhhhhhhh! I hope I can actually get these made soon because I love them.

What are your thoughts?


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