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M I R U – animated gif assignment –

Well hello again. It’s Friday.

Oh yes. Animated gifs…my worst nightmare. Once again, I had so much trouble with this crap. I downloaded VLC to help me obtain the frames from the video and it wasn’t working because (J’m assuming) I didn’t give it admin…but like heck I will because I don’t know if this program is corrupted and what not. So I literally spent an hour weighing my options and figured I’ll just do that same exact thing I did last time.

Anyways, the gif assignment I went with today is called “home video gif” and since I don’t have a lot of home videos…I used a video I took back in 2016 when I went to New York to see our favorite virtual diva in concert…kind of wished I had something silly instead, but I figured this would make do.


Ah, yes. I remember this concert so vividly…so many fellow nerds at a sold out concert for a Japanese hologram. #NoRegrets But honestly, this was probably one of the best concerts I have ever been to and every time I go, I try to get VIP tickets because I want to be up close to that glass screen and the band members. The song that was playing in the gif is called 「秘密警察」or “Secret Police” and it is legit so hype I can’t even.

Anyone got any tips for animating gifs? (ง ◕ั⌑◕ั)ว ⁾


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