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morning trance-portation – audio assignment –


Ok cool, neither am I.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

morning trance-portation

Today’s audio assignment was a difficult one…I made a mother freakin’ mixtape! H O L Y C R A P.

Why yes, I gave myself a DJ name because I was that dead set on this assignment.

A funny story on this assignment actually; I think I’ve mentioned before my fiancé dabbles in making mixtapes and was a DJ when we first started dating. I told him I was about to make a LIT mixtape of my own and he wasn’t allowed to listen until I was 99% done. So I have been working on this sucker at home, at work, and his house and I actually enjoyed it so much that he’s now teaching me how to mix properly. But I loved his initial reaction to hearing the full mixtape…”oh crap…it’s not as bad as I anticipated.” THERE IS HOPE FOR DJ TAYLORRAE YET. LOOK OUT FOR ME ON YOUR NEXT AMV.

For this 20 minute mix, I chose the following songs:

Koda Kumi – Real Emotion (Overhead Champion Remix)
Dean Fujioka – History Maker (TJO Remix)
Utada Hikaru – Sakura Nagashi (DJ Amaya vs Groovebot Remix)
TWO-MIX – Last Impression (Trance Remix)
Ayumi Hamasaki – kanariya (system F Remix)

Ain’t nothing like some good J-pop to get your mornings started. As for the name of the mixtape; I used music that I normally listen to in the mornings on my way to work because it keeps me awake in the god awful north bound traffic. The mixing process was difficult because it’s nearly impossible to match beats in audacity so trying to tie in songs was a pain in the butt. However, through nifty tutorials online, I was able to make it decent. I also created the plugs via a text to speech generator. I freakin’ love Alice’s voice. Overall, this assignment was stupid difficult but so fun…AHHHHHHHH.

So…now the most anticipated question…what do you think?

Here’s that tutorial on how I edited the mixtape…it’s an hour worth of footage toned down to 7 minutes…you’ve been warned;



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4 thoughts on “morning trance-portation – audio assignment –

  1. This is amazing ! I think you did such a great job, I love the different songs you chose they are so catchy, and you’re right that they would keep you awake in the north bound traffic. I would be dancing the entire way. My mom drives to Maryland every day for work so she does the same thing you do ! Great job on this assignment!

    1. Thanks so much!! I definitely appreciate it!!! And honestly; I drive to Quantico and it’s awful so I can only imagine how Maryland feels…your mom is trooper!

  2. I love this mix! I’ve only heard History Maker and Sakura Nagashi before, and it was neat to get some new recs, as well as hear some remixes of the songs I had heard already. They’re pretty different songs, but you matched the beats really well so that they flowed together in a continuous mix. The name of the mixtape is also clever.

    Since you’ve said you want to post the tutorial soon, the only thing I’d say is that around 16:05 there’s a voiceover bit which feels a little out of place? I wasn’t sure if that was something you put in or if it was a part of the remixes you used, but it felt awkward in context of the whole mix.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! :0 I’m glad it came together well. The thing about that audio is that it’s a conversation between two characters from Gundam Wing and the song it follows is from Gundam Wing, so I thought it would add a little bit of humor and reference because I wasn’t too sure if people would get it…but I can definitely see how the placement is a tad awkward. Maybe I should’ve included it within the song itself? Ahhhhh, mixing is difficult! XD

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