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now kiss – visual assignment –

Ah, yes. My love for Gundam lately is unreal and the visual assignment I chose for today was essentially a movie poster parody. Let’s just say, my love for memes exceeds many things. Here’s what I ended up with after dwelling all day on what movie to parody…

endless waltz

I can’t say that I am particularly proud of this, but dang it, Gundam Wing did not fulfill the romance I had set in mind let alone in Endless Waltz. In terms of how I did this, I used the blank cover as the background, and found transparent files for the “now kiss” meme as well as Heero and Relena faces. I also found the English Gundam Wing logo and just placed everything where I felt appropriate. I used the “PicMonkey” website again for this edit.

I know it’s not the best edit, but I hope you guys liked it or it made you giggle. I would love to know if you had watched the movie and how it made you feel. However, if you didn’t watch it…criticism is also welcomed. Thanks ya’ll.


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