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We have finally reached the last post for the week before tomorrow’s summary…WHOO. How was this week for you all? It’s definitely the most amount of posts I have created within a week. But for the last assignment of the week, we’re going over photos I took after reading the photography tips provided.

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To be honest, photography is a frustrating subject to me. I always forget to change settings to get the best outcome and I overexpose or have the ISO way too high…cameras are intimidating. Unfortunately, photography is important for blogging and even YouTube so I read through these tips trying to get every bit of information possible to better myself. The six photos in the slideshow were the best products from today. Please note that all photos were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with the Standard 18-55mm Kit Lens. I also relied on the tips on the DS106 website and the reading from BrainPickings.

I think my best photos are more aesthetic rather skill…such as the Buddha wind chimes. I like to see brighter photos so I always left my ISO relatively high between 6400 and 12800. However, while taking pictures of mine and my family’s dogs, I really messed around and dropped the ISO to 3200 and 1600 and they came out really crisp. I also noticed that when I used an actual camera rather than my iPhone, I have a more difficult time with the rule of thirds. I am 99% sure it’s because I love taking photos at weird angles, but I did try for the sake of this post…and looking back through all of the photos, it’s really hit or miss. I think I want to really improve on that more in the future especially when I decide to do galaxy shots and such.

Overall, I definitely appreciated the tips and took them to heart. (I may have screenshot the tips…don’t judge me.) But I would love to read what you all think of where I need improvement or what you think of the photos in general.

Anyways, congrats on finishing the first week!! Here’s to 4 more…


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