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whom ever smelt it – visual assignment –

Ah, yes. The final post for today…what better way than to end it with a fart joke. The 24-year-old in me is displeased with this sense of humor, but the 12-year-old in me is giggling uncontrollably.


So, for this visual assignment, we were to create a “spubble” with pictures of ourselves. This picture is from my last vacation to California where I met up with my cousin after 10 years apart. Unfortunately for our parents, normal pictures are out of the question with us but it made a wonderful spubble picture! For editing, I used an editing website called “PicMonkey” and I love it. Very easy to use and free, if you’re broke and clueless with photoshop.

I hope you all enjoy my sad sense of humor and I’ll see you all tomorrow. Adios!


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