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after the storm – the daily create –

Finally!!! The last post of the week before tomorrow’s summary.


For today’s daily create, we were asked to take a photo of something from a different perspective…I think I was able to conquer that in a nice and poetic manner.

Normally, when I take photos of nature or outside in general, I try to concentrate on capturing colorful, blooming flowers or full foliage trees. Take for example this photo I took during a recent trip to D.C. for a sponsored event;


I love capturing life especially in nature. There’s so much green that it makes me happy and smile (and quite frankly; I myself am too pleased with this picture I can’t even). So, this morning after the crazy storm had passed through and left lots and lots a leaf debris and reading the prompt for today, I thought that what better way to gain a new perspective than to take a photo of something that is dead (this didn’t sound as morbid in my head I swear).

The photo was taken with an iPhone 7 and the leaf was laying on my fiancé’s windshield. It’s dark, it’s wet, and that leaf is incredibly dead and I actually really like how the photo came out despite being taken with a phone. People better stop sleeping on iPhone photography, I swear.

Did you participate in today’s daily create? What were your thoughts?


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