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I did the thing today…I have officially lost my mind and now live fully through Final Fantasy.

I cannot believe how much time I spent on this…I don’t know whether to be worried or upset. Anyways, today’s daily create was to create a travel/tour poster for anywhere we want…and because I dislike Virginia, I went with the wonderful world of Spira from Final Fantasy X/X-2. I used screenshots that I felt were entirely necessary including the awful laugh scene that I couldn’t get out of my mind for 15 years.

So, let me take you around Spira where I can show you where your father who is now an evil monster that destroys the world ever couple of years is trying to destroy the world yet again. You can visit the sites he’s desolated and fight the monsters he has sent after you! So much fun, am I right? You can go off on a pilgrimage with a cutie patootie, kiss and hold hands in dying forest spring, and then *SPOILER ALERT* sacrifice yourself to stop your father for good!!! OH MY GOSH, what are you waiting for?? SIGN UP FOR 3000 GIL GUYS AND DON’T FORGET YOUR HYPELLO!


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