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Well hello!

Today’s daily create was to create a dream band with dead, alive, or fictional folks. Um, I felt a little weird doing this because I’m not really familiar…or rather into American music so I wasn’t too sure about participating in this daily create, but I DID IT ANYWAYS.

I have no idea what the title of the band would be, but it would be lit regardless. I guess I will explain a wee bit; Teddyloid is a rather popular producer in Japan who does work with actual vocalists (you may remember the “MEMEME” video) as well as Vocaloid programs. I am a huge fan of his work as it gets me motivated to do things such as adulting and waking up. Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid…that goes on tours, sells out concerts, appears in video games, and has even been sampled by Big Boi. She may not be real, but her fanbase is fantastic as are her concerts. Some of you may know Porter Robinson, he’s an artist here in the states that does electronic and rather relaxing music and has also used Vocaloids in his songs. I think these three together would be a blessing much like Anamanaguchi and Miku were.

Sorry you guys had to read my little explanation and what not, but I wanted to provide a little information that I wasn’t able to within 140 characters. But if you know anything about Vocaloid or are wondering what the heck it is, leave a comment down below and I will share some great wisdom with you.


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