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i was told to make art?? – the daily create –

I cannot tell you all how confused I was with today’s daily create…

I was so confused and the only way I could comprehend it was either with binary code or stupid calculator tricks (?) and I chose the latter. So here’s a picture of side eye Pidge (my precious tiny Paladin child) and “hello” written in numbers. I think it was a good mix seeing as how she’s the brains of the group…and the cutest…and the most precious. A L R I G H T. Can ya’ll tell how excited I am for season 3 of Voltron yet?

Anyways, everything was edited in PicMonkey and the font I used is called “PIXELPOIIZ” which I used a lot during my Twitch streaming days…*sigh*

Did you guys understand this daily create? I feel kind of silly today…maybe I was reading too much into it?


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