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Well, hello to week two!

I was almost afraid I was going to miss today’s daily create…darn you summer heat and the need to be poolside!! Today’s daily create was to show our “growlery.” I honestly had no idea such a word existed until this tweet, but I am slowly learning to love it.

So a little explanation, yes? According to multiple dictionary sources (I personally found Urban Dictionary much better…but not quite the same definition as the rest…), a “growlery” is where you go to escape the world when you’re out of sorts. It’s rather rare that I get so down in the dumps that I feel the need to escape the world, but on the off chances that I do, I do one of two things.

The first is a good ol’ hike or an awful attempt at running long distances. The picture in the tweet is actually of my first ever mountain hike with my parents to the top of Old Rag. The man in the picture is my father, who always unintentionally poses great for nature pictures. It was a difficult hike and incredibly painful (I injured my spine a couple years before), but it made me realize how much I love being in nature.

And the second is in any kind of café that is not a Stafford Starbucks. Typically, I’ll go to downtown Fredericksburg or, in this case, any of the many Korean cafés up in Annandale (the café pictured is called Manoa). Nothing makes me feel better than a latte and some cake while listening to comforting music and/or blogging.

If you participated in today’s daily create, where is your “growlery” located? 🙂


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