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pay me my money – the daily create –

Last post for today, I promise!

Today’s daily create was a little difficult for me. We had to create an invoice for a hyperlink wanting customer trying to purchase a Lamborghini…and my imagination got in the way.

So, my first dilemma was I ONLY HAVE MY MACBOOK ON ME TODAY WHICH MEANS NO WORD OR EXCEL. Without word or excel; I don’t have a pre-existing template on hand. Then I wondered if I was even allowed to use a pre-existing template. And so, I went into PicMonkey and FREE HANDED THIS BUGGER. I used a couple different invoices for resource and essentially just placed everything in hoping that it was centered and what not. I won’t lie, I am a bit impressed with myself but I’m also scared.

Did you do today’s daily create? What did you think?

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