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– final reflection –

Oh my god, we did it. We made it to the end…HOLY CRAP. I honestly didn’t think these 5 weeks would go by so fast, but D A N G. I’m a little emotional. So first off, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was amazing to learn how to create and design things I never…

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– long awaiting –

It’s barely morning when she wakes up. The sounds of the outdoor world penetrating through her windows softly. She finds comfort within the confines of her house, away from the rustle and bustle of the city she sees from her window. Her daily routine she finds safety in all of it’s perfection: She prefers to wake up in the afternoon…

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– week four reflection –

You know, despite the minimal amount of assignments this week…it was definitely a bit of a struggle to complete in a timely manner. Regardless of the struggle, it’s definitely awesome to be in my element of creating and editing videos. In terms of completing the assignments to the best of my abilities, I think I did an ok job for…

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this is art…! – the daily create –

Hey you guys…I can art now. #ds106 #tdc2020 this is art…! — Taylor (@simplytelling) July 21, 2017 Today’s daily create was to create abstract art using a cute little website, SimplifyThatSh*t. So I took a picture from a photoshoot I did last year and…I don’t understand how it came out that quite honestly. I am perplexed. Do you understand…

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where’s tina? – the daily create –

First the horror noise and now where’s Talky Tina? I will not sleep tonight. #ds106 #tdc2019 this class is trying to give me nightmares… — Taylor (@simplytelling) July 20, 2017 If you can find Tina, you win the prize of being observant. And hopefully the ability to sleep without nightmares. Were you able to find her? Taylor