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audio storytelling referencing

Well hello, it’s me Taylor again.

For today’s summary, I’m going to talk about audio storytelling references from TED Radio Hour and ScottLo!


This audio clip talks primarily about a woman and MIT professor named Sherry Terkle (Lord, I hope that’s spelled right…) and her life up until the point where she was asked to conduct her own TED Talk. In the clip, they use background music to help set the scene or the mood. For this particular clip, they used a more upbeat and happy tune in the background for the portion of her discovery. They also use layers of sound effects and audio clips upon the main clip. It’s honesty incredible.

What strikes me most interesting is how smoothly everything runs through. While being introduced to the professor, there is a single layer of audio…then gradually they build more layers and it’s not abrupt or displeasing to the ears. The transitions are wonderful even at the end when the music suddenly stops. When it comes to editing the audio for my videos and the audio I wish to work on in the future; my main goal is to have smooth transitions where the listener doesn’t even notice the change in music or monologue.


For the series ScottLo created; I found it very helpful. I am far from familiar with audacity and I am lucky enough to have my fiancé (the jack of all audio and visual trades I swear) give me tips in terms of where to place different clips within the spectrum of a recording, but there were some tips and tricks that ScottLo provided that even he was unaware of (specifically in Episode 9).

As I’ve stated before, I am not as comfortable with audio as I probably should be or would like to be…so I rely on YouTube and tips from people such at ScottLo to really guide me through this process. However, I notice that ScottLo’s series is more geared toward radio plays much like the openings to his snippets. He really emphasizes on the sound effects and the placement of certain sounds during a story, and while I am not looking to do much in terms of speaking audio…the sounds effects could be helpful for other reasons such as creating a relaxing music mix or a transition for a mixtape beat.

What did you think of these audio storytelling references? Did you find them helpful?


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