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praying for a crash – look, listen, analyze –

Oh boy!!

I get to talk about a movie I freakin’ loved based of a book that I loved just as equally. YAS, GIRL, YAS!


So, for our second assignment this week, we are to watching a video clip and analyze it much like Roger Ebert would. For this assignment…I chose a clip from “Fight Club” that I can sort of relate to. (Like metaphorically, not necessarily in the physical aspect of it.)

– L O O K –

The first thing I notice is the sudden shift in lighting. While the narrator (he’s nameless in the movie and book) is thinking about the possibility of the plane crashing, there is a sudden shift from the cabin being lit and the plane crashing in thus causing the lights to go out. For me, this helps guide me through the point where the narrator is “ok” to parts where he is “hallucinating.” There’s definitely special effects involved to make it appear that a plane is quite literally crashing in his plane. There are also 6 different cuts where you are looking around the plane from which I assume is the narrator’s point of view to shots of the narrator himself. One thing where I found myself kind of…confused, I suppose, is how everything flying around the cabin during the crash is going high speed but when the camera shifts to the narrator…it almost appears as though he himself is in slow motion. I don’t know if I’m correct or hallucinating myself.

– L I S T E N –

The first sound you hear in the background is the plane itself as you would while traveling. The high pitch squealing like sound makes it feel as though you’re literally on the plane with the narrator. You then hear the crashing of a plane, broken pieces scattering through the cabin and air, along with high speed winds. You also hear people screaming, but it’s rather muted. I think this was to intensify the sound of the winds whipping. When it comes to the narrator speaking, that is actually one of the aspects I like most about this movie. When the narrator…narrates, he speaks rather calmly and slowly as if he is watching it unfold alongside you but also has traces and hints of sarcasm and depression. I honestly applaud Edward Norton for this every freakin’ time I watch it.

– A N A L Y Z E –

So, I’ve rewatched this scene at least ten times by now and the one thing I’m noticing more often than not after the initial run through are the looks on people’s faces during the scene. The woman at the very beginning seems a bit put off by the narrator making us believe that she doesn’t care to carry a conversation with him. When he notices the airplane about to crash, there appears to be a look of…relief? Slight humor? It’s almost unreadable to me. During the crash sequence, the other passengers have faces full of fear or are screaming, but the narrator is still just looking around like “lol, what.” It ultimately creates a rather depressing mood. The main character visualizes a plane crash where people are literally fearful of their lives and yet he just looks around as though he’s waiting to meet his end. Granted, if you watch the movie or read the book…the destructive and depressing mood actually quite fits and adds to what the narrator goes through on a regular basis while suffering from insomnia.

While I have seen this movie PLENTY of times; using the new techniques learned during our audio week and reading through Roger Ebert’s column allowed me to pick up on hints that foreshadow the movie as a whole and add the narrator’s character.

And just for laughs; here’s a video by my favorite YouTube channel, CinemaSins, where they tore apart “Fight Club:”

Have you seen “Fight Club” before? What did you think of the scene?


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2 thoughts on “praying for a crash – look, listen, analyze –

  1. I haven’t seen Fight Club before but I’ll have to check it out sometime! Your enthusiasm at the beginning of your post showed you were going to put a lot of thought into this and it turned out great! Awesome job!

    1. Why thank you!! And YAAAAAAS, please check it out. If you don’t like the violence, then you may just like the message on consumerism…or Brad Pitt and Ed Norton going at it. One or the other.

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