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Welcome to week three! It’s our hump week, classy right?

So, I’m noticing this week that we have a lot of reading and experimenting to do and let me tell you what…I’m going to need it. I’m not the best at talking let alone editing audio, so this week is probably going to be a tough one for me. ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

Moving on, the first post of the week, I’m going to share my thoughts on the two required videos featuring Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad!


Prior to watching this, I had no idea that scripted radio shows were still a thing. I was under the impression that it had kind of died out after the World War II era, but I appear to be mistaken.

For Ira Glass, I watched the first two videos of his storytelling series and it definitely opened my eyes to how complicated audio storytelling really is. One of the points made is that you spend more time finding and developing the story rather than the actual production of it. That kind of comes off as a bit intimidating in my opinion. Developing a story that I have not personally experienced is something I struggled with since high school, let alone being comfortable to add audio to said story. It’s frightening, but I can definitely see how that would take more time. You have to set the scene and create moments of anticipation and build off to create a climax and essentially anticipate the audience’s response.

Another point he had made that honestly hit me so hard in the face that I couldn’t even was that you could spend weeks working on a project…but it may be crap and you have to “kill it.” You want to create quality content and sometimes you have to dump a project that doesn’t flow in order to learn and move on to a project that will actually convey the message you want people to receive. I find myself dealing with this quite often; I do photoshoots for items or places, type up a post, and at the end get so frustrated because nothing flows or the photos didn’t come out as exposed or too exposed. It sucks, but in order to keep my website at a higher quality that I would prefer, I have to reduce bad or poorly edited content. That’s one of the struggles of doing content specifically for other people to see or hear.


If I wasn’t already intimated by Ira Glass’ words…Jad Abumrad brought it to a whole new level.

The main point of Jad’s interview was that audio storytelling creates empathy. The person in the audio has to use their voice to set a scene whereas the listener is responsible for creating their own image of the scene. Abumrad compares it to a painting where the person speaking has a canvas and the listener has the paintbrush. I feel like this is honestly so important when it comes to audio. You have to convey a certain feeling with every syllable and phrase so that you can guide the listener through the story and their imagination. Every inflection and alliteration is distinct and important.

This is where I become fearful for using my own voice for storytelling…I feel that I am either too soft spoken or, as many people tell me, I have an accent that causes a tad of confusion. I don’t know how to control the speed of my words or how to tell if I’m alliterating properly. As I watch these two gentlemen talk so passionately about radio, I want to have those abilities but as I have stated before…it’s very intimidating.

What did you all think of the videos??


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