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– week three reflection –

week three reflection

What an awesome week it was and I promise that’s not sarcasm. I was definitely excited for this portion of the class but also quite nervous because I hate doing voice overs or recording…it’s such an uncomfortable feeling. In terms of this week overall; I think I completed the assignments accordingly and hopefully a little bit above and beyond. This week, I wanted to be extra and I think I accomplished that, but I’m not too sure. I did have to switch out a few assignments and reschedule a couple times this week which was frustrating, but I got it all done before Saturday which was the goal.

For troubling assignments, I think the most difficult assignment was the mixtape assignment. It’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy creating it and such, but editing it was becoming a little frustrating at times because I was trying to crossfade songs that I’m 99% sure didn’t have a similar beat measure. Along with that, I really wanted to make it sound like something my fiancé would put together so I had to create plugs and look for audio that I felt would fit. However, regardless of the trouble, I am still SO happy with how it came out. Another assignment I had slight difficulties with was the text impersonations assignment. I kind of blame myself for this one…I chose a text that involves a male voice and I’m not exactly manly in the vocal department. I tried to go deep but it came off as awful and awkward and I re-did the scene over and over until finally, I just used my normal voice but about one octave lower and that was what ended up making the cut.

For this week’s favorite assignments, I would probably have to go with the song meaning assignment and the create a tour daily create! With the song meaning assignment, I felt like I was able to get personal without necessary details but rather through music which was incredible. While I don’t mind talking about what happened to me, I feel as though using a song or lyrics as reference that could take new meaning and help a person relate is amazing and provides a sense of empathy, much like what was discussed in Jad Abumrad’s interview. With the create a tour assignment, I got to make an obnoxious, sassy, and spoiler filled tour pamphlet of one of my favorite videos games…how can I complain?

Moving on, this week I learned so much. I’m not familiar with audio or storytelling; I was utterly clueless about folly sound and how to create an audio story. So, because I was lacking in that department, I really took the information provided to heart and did a lot of tutorial searching for Audacity especially when it came to creating the mixtape. I hope I did okay for just learning this program because the frustration from it was real. My main focus was once again on Jad Abumrad’s statement that audio storytelling creates empathy and I think that’s what I wanted to mostly portray.

There were a few things I wish I could have done differently. I mostly wished I would have discovered Virtual DJ for the stupid mixtape assignment because IT’S SO HELPFUL WITH MATCHING BEATS PER MINUTE. There was also a helpful comment about the placement of one of my plugs in the mixtape that I wish I could’ve placed in a different spot. I also feel as though I should have had my fiancé help on the text impersonations assignment to provide a manly voice…it definitely would’ve came out a bit more believable. And finally, I honestly wished I was better at “chase that phrase.” I’m so embarrassed by that attempt, it’s ridiculous.

I think I suffered a few cultural implications this week. As I stated before, there was a plug in my mixtape that a classmate had mentioned felt out of place. I had to explain why it was there and where it was from which I don’t think should happen and I think that was my fault for the placement and not specifying it on the post. At the point though, I think it’s safe to say that my fellow classmates pretty much expect Japanese or gaming references, so I’m not as worried as I was two weeks prior. I don’t think I had too many social implications, if any. I tried to lay off the sarcasm as much as possible, but sometimes it’s just too darn tempting.

Also, before I forget, this week’s comments:
This week, I stopped by the following blogs to comment;

It’s so cool to see what other folks in the class are doing. It was difficult to comment on 5 people’s posts in the middle of the week, but today I was able to get the rest I needed. Honestly though, you all are so freakin’ talented and creative…I’m jealous! I hope I didn’t come off as mean or harsh, but please let me know if I did!! You’re doing a great job and we’ve only got 2 more weeks to go! Keep it up!


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Week three was definitely interesting and filled with knowledge and the birth of DJ TaylorRae. But, it was so much fun and I have learned so much that I can’t wait to use it in the future. What did you all think of week three? Also…were my tutorials even that helpful? I’m a wee bit worried about those…


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