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– week two reflection –

Oh hey! We’re finally done with week two!

week two reflection

So this week was all about graphic design and I felt kind of bittersweet about it. I love graphic design when it doesn’t require animation, but I was definitely going to try my best regardless. Overall, I think I completed the assignments rather well…I did have to go back and update a few with tutorials and kind of add content on to provide a story and such once I got my grade from last week back. Regardless of having to go back and forth, this week seemed a bit more relaxed compared to last week. I got a good schedule down to where I am doing 2-3 assignments during the week days and the weekly summary on the weekend. My main concern for this week is whether I rightfully applied the critiques provided.

In terms of troubling assignments; those mother freakin’ gifs gave me hell. It was like everything that could go wrong…went wrong. I read the GIMP tutorial provided but realized that it’s for photo gifs rather than video/animated gifs. So I did my research and found some great ones that talked about using GAP with GIMP…but the latest GAP installment is for Windows computers. I own a freakin’ Mac. I then tried the VLC approach and while I was able to prepare the settings to retrieve the frames…I was a little afraid to give VLC admin access because of reviews I read saying that there’s a heavy chance of receiving a virus through VLC. So I had to resort to a website called Giphy to retrieve the frames and then edit those through GIMP. It was such a frustrating process, but I was able to complete the assignments, so I guess that’s the important part.

After going back through all of the week’s assignments, I think my favorites were the “Are We There Yet” assignment and the Invoice Daily Create. With the “Are We There Yet” assignment, I had my fiancé watching over my shoulder since I’m not too skilled at cutting out images free-handed…and without an actual mouse. The moment he saw that it was his face I was using, he got a little upset but we had a good laugh about it given the context. I can gladly say that he thought I did a pretty good job cutting his face out. With the Invoice Daily Create, I don’t think it was the assignment itself that was my favorite but rather the process. You see, because I have a Mac, I don’t have Microsoft Office on it. (I could get it and install it like normal people, but over the last few years I’ve become lazy and just got the free app on my iPad and use that for documents instead.) So, while it should normally be relatively easy to create an invoice template, I didn’t have the option available so I took my butt to PicMonkey and created free-handed and from scratch. I had never been so proud of myself until that moment.

Needless to say, I did learn quite a few things from this week. As I said before, I hate creating gifs with a passion but I can definitely say now that I am able to do so and how to work around stupid technical difficulties. I’ve surely learned how to create or provide a story to every assignment I post (hence the class being called “digital storytelling”). I also found myself resorting back to The Vignelli Canon reference provided to us. I’m finding that more and more, I am able to use these assignments and resources to help enhance my own website and to become a better content creator.

Next week, I definitely want to remember to take screenshots or videos of my creative process because I did not do this week so I literally went back through and created screenshot tutorials for each possible post. I think that would save me a lot of trouble for sure. I also kind of wished I had a Windows computer for GIMP rather than a Mac as it seems I’m rather limited as to what I am able to do animation wise. However, I do have a question in regards to gifs; would it have been easier to have just used my fiancé’s Mac that has Photoshop on it? Because this is just occurring to me right at this second and I am upset.

Finally, I think I stumbled into a few cultural implications much as I did last week. I noticed that I am once again making references to Japanese culture that many people probably wouldn’t care for or would be completely clueless about and unable to relate. I did try to mention an American Netflix show so hopefully that helped balance it out, but I am a little unsure. With the Japanese music references however, I did try to add links to videos and/or lyrics so that the reader can reference those if choosing to reply. In terms of social implications…I think I am becoming a little too sarcastic at some points, but I am not too sure if that would be considered an implication or not.


out of sorts – the daily create –
honeymoon destination – design assignment –

greetings – design assignment –
– the vignelli canon –
pay me my money – the daily create –

can i breathe? – design assignment –
kanariya – animated gif assignment –

precious pidge – the daily create –
congrats – design assignment –
– design blitz –

M I R U – animated gif assignment –
get rekt, nerds – design assignment –
after the storm – the daily create –

dear virginia drivers – design assignment –

To bring this summary to a close; I think I’m starting to get the hang of this class and it’s schedule. Next week is going to be interesting as it’s audio focused and I’m not too familiar with recording audio, but I am hoping to learn a lil’ something something as I want to start recording song covers here in the near future. How was your second week? I wonder if I’m the only one who had difficulties with gifs…


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