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AHAHAHA! I did it.

I made another mixtape for my final project, Long Awaiting. Granted this was rather easier as it didn’t require me to add plugs and drops…and every song had a fade out so I didn’t have to go through the trouble. THANKS JAZZ.

So, the song list for this mixtape is as follows:

Ghost Lead Serenade – SWING HOLIC (Touhou) | Meltdown (炉心融解) – Baguettes Ensemble (Vocaloid) | The Furthest Ends (サイハテ) – Baguettes Ensemble (Vocaloid) | Key-Word – Swing of the Dead (Touhou) | Thoughtful Zombie (思慮するゾンビ) – Baguettes Ensemble (Vocaloid)

I guess some background on this playlist is necessary, right? So first off, why a jazz playlist over a bossa nova or modern café music? The story revolves around a girl whom I based off of myself and my apprehension to go outside because of the struggles of anxiety, so I chose songs from a personal playlist that I use to soothe my anxiety and help me remain calm. Why is it only Touhou and Vocaloid? Because dang it, I’M A NERD. The songs are actually quite representative of myself and the places I find my mind at. For example; “Thoughtful Zombie” is about someone who doesn’t know where she quite belongs and finds herself studying the world which is where I find myself at time to time as does the girl in the story. “Meltdown” is a little more on the serious side, but depicts my sleepless nights and feelings of lack of control. So, every song has a reason and a purpose.

With that said; I hope you enjoy it and find the tutorial helpful. As always, if you have any questions on what I did or how I did it…please ask!!! 🙂


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