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cafe de introverti – promotional flyer design tutorial –

I feel so much pressure with finals, it’s ridiculous.

So, here’s a quickie tutorial on how I designed my promotional flyer for my final project, Long Awaiting.

This was actually a relatively fun and quick design for me. I wanted to create a cute, aesthetically pleasing, and yet mildly sarcastic cafe. I think the cat with a cup of coffee was honestly the best way to capture that. Add in a sarcastic looking old guy and a wi-fi logo…BOOM. I’m sure business will be booming.

All images were found via Google Search, but DANG SON. I WANNA GO TO THIS CAFE. Too bad there lacks an address…which I purposely did, don’t go telling people I made a mistake.

cafe de introverti

If you have any questions in regards to what images I used or just anything in general, feel free to ask! I’m happy to help but I also hope the video is helpful!


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