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the not-so-exciting life of me – video assignment –


Well, hello…who’s ready to take another dive into Taylor’s life?

Be warned; it’s weird and unnecessary.

So the video assignment I chose to do was called “A Day in my Life” and I literally filmed this assignment three different times. I had little footage that was also awful the first two times I filmed and so yesterday I told myself “NAH, SON…WE GON’ MAKE THIS WORK.” And I somehow managed to do that.

Anyways, this is a look into how my Friday’s typically go. I wake up, cry about the Voltron Comic Con panel, go to work, go to the fiancé’s house, do school work, ALMOST WRECK MY CAR WHILE LISTENING TO MUSIC, and come home to do everything else. I think you guys will enjoy it…if not, I’m sorry I’m so boring.

Some details on this video; the music helps tell what time of the day it is. If you haven’t figured it out yet…it’s Animal Crossing BGM which changes depending on the hour. So for this video I used:

5AM | 6AM | 4PM | 6PM | 7PM | 10PM

I think it helps pace the video along since there’s such a gap in between filming. The obnoxious song I am singing in the car is called “Gigantic O.T.N.” by Giga-P which I will post a video for… Don’t ask why I know these absurd lyrics…please don’t. I’m not proud of it. #SorryMom

In terms of editing, I once again used iMovie and was unable to film a tutorial thanks to my computer (I just purchased a hard drive and I think I’m going to do a clean sweep of my Mac…). I was able to store a few screenshots however!

But as I said in the last video assignment, if you have any questions or need help with editing, let me know! I can either assist or send a tutorial your way. 🙂

Welp! That’s it! The final assignment before the summary and final project. Who’s ready?

I’M N O T.

What did you think of the assignment or the class as a full? It’s been fun working with you all and I hope you all do well on your final project!!


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2 thoughts on “the not-so-exciting life of me – video assignment –

  1. I love how authentic this video is, it didn’t feel contrived at all which is awesome. You did a great job incorporating little edits like text, fast forward and background music.

    1. Why thank you!! 🙂 I’m glad it came out authentic; lord knows my life is so friggin’ boring I can’t even.

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