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– final reflection –

final reflection

Oh my god, we did it.

We made it to the end…HOLY CRAP. I honestly didn’t think these 5 weeks would go by so fast, but D A N G. I’m a little emotional.

So first off, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was amazing to learn how to create and design things I never would have imagined prior. Heck, I made two mother freakin’ mixtapes ya’ll. I’m on a roll. But honestly, I never though of creating sound effects stories or designing a PSA billboard for incompetent drivers or pretty much 90% of what this class required. I found myself expanding my horizons and thinking of ways to bring this new knowledge and appreciation to my own website. It’s hard to choose the most exciting aspect of this class because…it all was exciting. Granted, yes, it was at times frustrating and I had to rethink and re-do things, but it didn’t take away from the joy I felt when completing the assignments. I really, really loved this class and what it made me do…which I feel is difficult to say of most any college classes.

If I were to take the reigns of the class, I don’t think I would necessarily do anything different. The material provided was helpful and the assignments were easily to follow but allowed room for out-of-the-box creativity. The only thing I can honestly think of is more discussion between classmates, but at the end of the day that’s not up to the professor necessarily and the fact that this is an online course doesn’t make it any easier.


For the final project; I literally hit the worst writer’s block at the worst time and it was an awful experience and on top of that…I managed to get incredibly ill with a bad flu, so the media assignments I wanted to do were out the door and I had to rethink everything rather last minute.

I finally decided to create a story about a girl that I can personally relate to; a girl reminiscent of myself who struggles with being an introvert and anxiety. It’s not a daring tale or one that makes you sit on the edge of your seat…I was never good at those to be honest. But I wanted to portray something relatable and believable.

Overall, I think the story came out rather good given the frustrations and struggles. I even managed to clean out my laptop and get the audio, the design, the pictures, and ALL OF THE TUTORIALS (oh my god, this was a blessing) uploaded with no problem. I think I could’ve done more difficult media assignments to help my story and I freakin’ hate using being sick as an excuse but I was limited to my house and was on stupid bed rest Monday. So I hope the media assignments I have chosen still provide what the story needs to flow.

In terms of tutorials, I didn’t provide one for the visual assignment, “Make My Day,” because I literally just shot the pictures with my also fixed Canon Rebel SL1 and put them into a collage form to keep the pictures from taking up too much space in the story.

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I hope you enjoy my story and I want to say thank you and congrats to my fellow classmates as well as to Professor Polack for such a wonderful 5 weeks. It’s been inspiring and incredible. Hopefully one day we’ll all meet in person!

Have a great mini-vacation, fall semester, school year and what not!


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