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– week four reflection –

week four

You know, despite the minimal amount of assignments this week…it was definitely a bit of a struggle to complete in a timely manner. Regardless of the struggle, it’s definitely awesome to be in my element of creating and editing videos. In terms of completing the assignments to the best of my abilities, I think I did an ok job for having so issues occur this week at once, but I’ll talk about that more down further on in the summary.

My most troubling assignment was the mother freakin’ day in my life video assignment. If you haven’t seen it yet, I literally attempted to film this assignment three times. The first time was with my actual Canon camera, but I began to have issues with it after switching to a different SD card. There would be a dark green line in the middle of footage even after removing and cleaning the lens. I was livid and frustrated and ugh. The second time I filmed with my iPhone and I just didn’t get enough footage for a full video, so I canned it and decided to re-do everything on Friday and it worked out for the better but not as great as quality as I had hoped for. I did manage to fix my camera on Friday however, so there’s a plus.

An assignment I had a blast doing was the look, listen, and analyze reflection. Back in community college, I had taken two or three film classes and “Fight Club” was one of my favorite films to analyze as a film itself as well as a book-to-film adaptation. Every time I watch the full movie or a scene, I always find new things and this time was no exception and even challenged me to look at specific aspects of the scene rather than as a whole. I did appreciate Roger Ebert’s column during this week given my love for films and analyzing them.

In terms for learning anything new this week; there were a few things that was able to learn, however much of it was more of a refresher. I think the one thing I learned that stuck out the most was the ability to FULLY analyze a film scene for scene, whether it be through audio or visuals. I have been aware of the golden ratio and the rule of thirds when it came to photography and filming, but I was generally unaware of how the left side favors evil or how low angles create a God complex. It’s definitely helpful as I venture into more video creating for my website and hopefully when I start doing more cinematic work for my fiancé.

THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS I WANTED TO DO DIFFERENTLY THIS WEEK, OH MY GOD. It literally felt like everything was breaking this week and I was about to throw my computer and camera out a freakin’ window. My computer’s drive is full and I don’t know how but I haven’t had the time to go and back up necessary folders and crap and swipe this sucker clean…and I already talked about my mother freakin’ camera. I wanted to cry a couple times, but I managed. If I had better footage and space on my computer; the vlog assignment and the shoes assignment would have been at least decent quality at the least. Ughhhhhhhhhhh.

Finally, this week I think I really held off the cultural implications…actually, no strike that. I rapped a horrible Japanese song in my vlog assignment. DANG IT. I was doing so good. If you know that song, then there would also be social implications possibly. Anyways, I think I laid low on both this week. I wanted to show you all portions of my rather boring life on top of the daily creates, so that was more important to me than trying to reference some awful Space Robot anime or something. But now that I’m thinking…my vlog has so many stupid references. NEVERMIND. I LIED.

This week’s comments!

This week, I stopped by the following blogs to comment;

Nicole | Tyler | Leni | Chris

As I said last week; it’s great to see everyone’s work especially if they did the same assignment as you. I see where I could’ve worked on and how other people viewed the assignments. I don’t think I really had to provide any constructive criticism, I was mostly just so impressed with everyone. YA’LL NEED TO KNOW HOW GREAT YOU ARE. I also can’t wait to see what you do with the final project. AHHHHHHH!


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Ah yes, week four was a pain in my rear but now it’s time to prep for the final project. I still have little to no idea what I am going to do, but YOLO. (Sorry, I promise I won’t procrastinate!!!)


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