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– long awaiting –

long awaiting

It’s barely morning when she wakes up. The sounds of the outdoor world penetrating through her windows softly. She finds comfort within the confines of her house, away from the rustle and bustle of the city she sees from her window. Her daily routine she finds safety in all of it’s perfection:

make my day p1

She prefers to wake up in the afternoon surrounded by the technology she dedicates her life to. She will lay there for what feels like hours before a nagging voice in her head tells her to get up and showered. She takes a peak outside and graciously greets the day before making a cup of milk tea and a breakfast of only a Nutella covered bagel. She takes what’s left of her tea back to her cave.

make my day p2

She turns on her PS4; the dominant system in her opinion. Some days she feels like divulging in 10…or maybe 12 hours of Final Fantasy X, other days it’s Dynasty Warriors. A quick look at the window and she realizes it’s dark and she’s forgotten to stuff her face. A microwaved Hot Pocket, cup of sweet tea, and some quality time with the humble folks of Tumblr is honestly a great ending to any evening…but what if there’s more to life? She looks outside once more and her mind begins to soar. Anxiety grows. Is it really that awful to go outside and partake in mild interactions? Maybe…not? She then decides. Tomorrow.

– long awaiting –

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The morning comes. She lays in bed though not as long as she would prefer. She dresses, rather quickly with what she figures is anticipation. Or was it anxiety? She’s not sure at this point. Shoes on and keys in hand, she walks out of her comfort zone into an unknowing world. She plays off the fear well; humming to keep herself sane. At some point she stops and looks up. She’s found herself at a rather sarcastic yet adorable café with the most obvious name: Cafe de Introverti.

cafe de introverti

She walks in and holy crap, it’s busy. She disregards the chatter and heads straight to the register as she mentally prepares her order in her head and repeats it over and over and over…until the cashier greets her warmly. She orders the same drink she makes at home, a London Fog Latte along with her favorite pastry, a simple donut. With the painful yet pleasant exchange, she pays silently and immediately heads towards a nearby table to await her goods. There’s an aesthetically pleasing magazine conveniently placed on the table of her choice and she flips through looking for an article that catches her eye. She stops for a moment. This isn’t home. This is everything she feared and more. She’s done it. An anxious breath and and a pair of headphones later, she maneuvers her phone to create a playlist for this experience which she calls “Long Awaited.”

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long awaiting (sound effects story) | cafe de introverti (promotional flyer) | cafe de introverti – long awaiting – (mixtape)


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